Promotional Gifts

Marketing is one of the most important functions in any business irrespective of its size, leadership structure or financial status. A brand that does not maintain a constant marketing campaign or activities is bound to experience extreme fluctuations in the sales revenue during the year. However, with promotional gifts, an organisation can enhance brand awareness and therefore sales over a long period of time. But why are promotional gifts a great way to market a company or its products? 

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Brand loyalty

By giving out free items to your clients or potential clients, you increase the chances of gaining repeat clients. Your brand remains top of mind and therefore clients are also likely to keep referring you to their friends and family members. Free items enhance the relationship with clients and therefore create brand loyalty.

Impress new clients

promotional items are a great way to impress new clients. They communicate that you care about the client and want to build a lasting relationship with them. This is why the gifts need to be impeccable. As a company, you should ensure that you use promotional items that are not only thoughtful but those that are also useful to the client. Whenever the client uses this product, they will remember your brand.

Cost implications

The use of gifts is usually a strategy targeting an extensive geographical and demography. However, it is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies for any business and the conversion rates are also impressive. Most promotional items can be acquired at favourably low prices especially in cases where they are being purchased in bulk. Cost wise, it is better to use promotional materials than to buy ad space in a newspaper, radio or television network.

Great compliment for other marketing efforts

The use of promotional materials, when coupled with other forms of marketing and advertising increase the return on investment several fold. For example, modern digital marketing coupled with promotional items can increase the effectiveness of the marketing efforts by up to 44%. Therefore businesses can use this for holistic marketing efforts.

Employee loyalty and motivation

Employees who receive promotional items, no matter the size are proud when representing the brand. Therefore promotional items can also be used to improve employee motivation and morale at work. A motivated employee will deliver better results. You could make the employee gifts different from those of the clients. When employees receive items that are different from those of clients, they get the feeling that you think about them too and this will also increase their loyalty.

Promotional items are long term in nature

More often than not, clients will keep the promotional item received for at least two years. Most clients will also use them on a day to day basis. Companies can take advantage of this to incur low costs then get exposure for a long period of time. Companies can then plan to use promotional gifts after a specified period of time; say two years.

Promotional materials have been used in marketing since time immemorial and their usefulness and effectiveness increases day by day. Businesses should take advantage of this to remain top of mind, for instant recognition by clients, and for referrals from loyal and satisfied clients.